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Troubleshooting Slow Object Creation

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Posted: 31 Mar 2003

The Problem

We are working on a project where we are seeing object creation take as long as 44 seconds -- with average of about 16 seconds. This is under load, but the load is only taking the server to an average of about 10 percent (peak was 20 percent).

We are doing this by importing the user via ICE - ICE gets a successful completion within 1-2 seconds - but DSDUMP and LDAP do not see the object until some time later. DSDUMP and LDAP find the object within a second of each other - so network is not the issue.

Some Suggested Solutions

Try turning off LBURP with the proper ICE switch. You will probably see your delay appear between users as the server won't be allowed to cache the incoming data. If you haven't already, turn on the LDAP trace options on the LDAP server object, and enable +LDAP on the dstrace.nlm. You might be missing an error or warning that would explain the long delay.

A second test would be to create users via C1 w/ passwords and use DSBROWSE to check the timing of creation, that would eliminate LDAP from the equation entirely. Be sure to disconnect from all other servers holding replicas of destination container prior to creating users.

If the creation is immediate on the local box (C1 doesn't freeze for 44 seconds when you attempt to create the user, and DSBrowse shows immediate results), then check for a slow ds sync problem between the boxes by using DSBrowse on the other replica holders to see when the object shows up.

You might also check the health of your directory indexes.

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