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Adding Drivers to the NDPS Broker

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By Steve Daniels

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Posted: 5 May 2003

The Problem

Adding print drivers to the NDPS Broker can be frustrating in the extreme. First, you have to be logged into the network with the same OS for which you need to load drivers. Then the utility can sometimes cause an illegal operation and close NWAdmin (especially in Win98). Or, in some cases, it just won't work.

The Solution

  1. Open NWAdmin and select the details for the broker you want to add the drivers to. Note the directory location for your resources by selecting the Resource Management (RMS) button. If you have a standard broker installation the location will be <server_name>\SYS:/ndps/resdir.

  2. From the server console, bring up the broker and hit the esc key and close it. DO NOT type ?unload broker? at the command line, and do not select the ?Disable? button in the details window in NWAdmin.

  3. Map a drive for the resource location, and drill down to the resdir subdirectory.

  4. Under resdir there is a directory called Prndrv. If it is not there, create it. Depending on your version of NDS, there may be another directory called Prndrv. Ignore it. You need to have sys:ndps/resdir/prndrv/*.* for this to work.

  5. Under Prndrv, create a subdirectory that makes sense to you. For a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 8150, HPLJ8150 would probably be good.

  6. You may want to organize your drivers in subdirectories under ///prndrv. For example, say you have a HP LaserJet 8150, and you want to add XP drivers for it. The path should look like sys:ndps/resdir/prndrv/win2000/*.* Likewise for a Windows 98 driver, you'd put it into sys:ndps/resdir/prndrv/win95/*.*

  7. Copy the driver files into the directory you just created.

  8. At the server console, type: broker ?<broker_name>.<ou>.<o>? This should load the broker.

  9. Loading will take a few minutes. You can see the new driver table of contents being created while it loads.

  10. Create your NDPS printer, and the resources will be there.

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