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If Your Login Script Stops Logging You In

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By David Gersic

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Posted: 28 May 2003

The Problem

NetWare 5.1 NDS 8. I'm the admin user. I can't get my user account to run the container, profile, or user login scripts. I can use the same computer or a different computer. I can log in as another person and everything runs great but not for my user account. Any ideas before I re-create me?

The Solution

What you might try doing, assuming that your user object exists in more than one Replica, is using DSBrowse (assuming you have at least NW5) on each server to verify that all of the attributes are exactly the same. Or, go to the Read/Write Replicas with DSBrowse and receive this object, that will mark it as a newly created object on the Partition and will get the data from the Master. That ensures that the object is consistent before proceding.

Next, use NWAdmin on a WinNT workstation with Client32 4.71 or 4.8 and reset your password. Don't let change it as you-the-user. Reset it as you-the-admin. That will regenerate the RSA key pair for the user object. Give DS a few minutes to sync the change before proceding.

Next, on every server with a SubRef copy of the user object, use "set dstrace=*h", "set dstrace=*f" and "set dstrace=*b" to sync everything up.

Last, on every server in your tree that you haven't already looked at, use DSBrowse to see if there are any ExtRef copies of your user object. Wherever you find one, use "set dstrace=*f" and "set dstrace=*b" to force the flat cleaner to run and update the ExtRef. The ExtRef objects keep a copy of the RSA key info in them, so this will get the new key pair from the Master or Read/Write Replicas.

Now try to log in and see what happens.

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