A Quick Way to Revive a Dead Server

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By David Gersic

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Posted: 5 Jun 2003

I know that they're trying to get rid of the SSI backup/restore, but for eDirectory versions prior to 8.7, this is really the fastest way to recover a dead server.

This works for NetWare 5.1 with eDir 8.5 or 8.6.

After the SSI restore from SMS compliant software, do:

  • dsrepair -si  (repairs replica numbers on partition objects)
  • dsrepair -rd  (repair local database)
  • dsrepair -rn  (repair network addresses)
  • dsrepair -sr  (reset schema)

This USED to be covered in the documentation for eDir 8.6 via http://www.novell.com/documentation/lg/ndsedir86/index.html?taoenu/data/a5xz3hr.html but that link no longer includes the SSI restore under "Backing Up and Restoring Novell eDirectory".

For related information, see TID #10072461.

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