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Running iFolder 2.1 in Protected Memory

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Posted: 25 May 2004

iFolder 2.1 does not by default load its own instance of Apache in protected memory on NetWare. It will instead create an include statement on the default apache configuration file (ADMINSERV.CONF) and load in the kernel address space.

Here is how you can setup another instance of Apache that will be loaded in its own memory address on the server. These steps are post-install steps after installing or upgrading to iFolder 2.1.

  1. Unload the apache web server by typing NVXADMDN at the server console.

  2. In SYS:\APACHE\IFOLDER\SERVER locate the HTTPD.CONF file and open it with a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad. Add the following information to their corresponding sections:

    Listen <your IP address or DNS name>:port ( i.e. LISTEN
    Port <port number> (i.e. PORT 51080)
    ServerName <DNS NAME or IP Address> (i.e.
    Document Root "sys:/apache/ifolder/DocumentRoot"
    Directory "sys:/apache/ifolder/DocumentRoot" (by default this will show as sys:/apache/htdocs)
    SecureListen <your IP address or DNS name>:port "SSL CertificateIP"
    (i.e. "SecureListen "SSL CertificateIP
    The last item will be added to the very bottom of the HTTPD.CONF file. It's an include statement for the httpd_ifolder_nw.conf file. Type the following line at the end of the HTTPD.CONF file:

    include SYS:\Apache\iFolder\Server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf

  3. Next, open SYS:\iFolder\Server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf and verify that the ports listed in this configuration file match the ports listed in the HTTPD.CONF that was just created. The only exception is the LDAP configuration sections that identify the LDAP server's address and port. Leave those as they were.

  4. Open the SYS:\apache\conf\adminserv.conf file. At the end of the file, right above the include statement for iFolder ("include SYS:\Apache\iFolder\Server\httpd_iFolder_nw.conf"), there is a LISTEN and SECURELISTEN STATEMENT for iFolder. These, along with the Include statement, will need to be remarked out. For example:

    #include SYS:\Apache\iFolder\Server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf
    #Listen 52080
    #SecureListen 52443 "SSL CertificateIP"

  5. Under SYS:\SYSTEM find the STARTIFOLDER.NCF AND STOPIFOLDER.NCF. Copy both files to SYS:\APACHE\IFOLDER\SERVER (rename the original files under the sys:\system directory or delete them).

    Modify the STARTIFOLDER.NCF to read as follows:


    Modify the STOPIFOLDER.NCF to read:


  6. Verify that there is a search path defined to the iFolder server directory. If there is not one, add it by typing the following at the system console (and adding it to the auotexec.ncf file):


  7. Load iFolder by typing STARTIFOLDER at the server console. Also, reload the primary apache server by typing NVXADMUP.

If after following these steps you continue to experience problems logging into iFolder, refer to Additional steps used to get iFolder running in protected memory.

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