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Posted: 14 Aug 2003


When I save the Photo in the Edit Information/Modify Photo screen, the following error occurs.

One or more attributes failed to update!: photo,photoagree

Also, I am not seeing Photo Store Location. Where should I be looking for this location?


If you can find the PHOTO and PHOTOAGREE template key on the Attribute page in the Admin Utility then the problem usually is a rights issue. Verify that these attributes are both checked to edit.

By default the Photo store location is the file system.

To change it to the directory (eGuide 2.1 and eGuide 2.1.1) find the file named uihandlers.xml under the eGuide\WEB-INF\plugins\eGuide dir

Search for Photo, you should find the following section:

<multi-valued-enabled />
<single-valued-enabled />
<read-write-enabled />
<read-only-enabled />
<default />
<display-name-key>Binary Photo File</display-name-key>

<description>Displays PHOTO in header of object details. When being edited, allows for browse of file. This handler also allows to specify file store location (i.e. LDAP or FILE), maximum file size, and file store path when applicable. These changes can be made in "UIHandlers.xml".</description>

If you want the photos stored in the Directory change the FileStoreLocation to LDAP (e.g. <FileStoreLocation>FILE</FileStoreLocation>)

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