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To Index or Not to Index?

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Posted: 26 Aug 2003

The Problem

I am getting very confused here. We have something called NDS indexes. I thought that this feature would be benificial for DirXML for quering eDirectory or for Novell Portal Services when using Dynamic Groups.

Now I hear different stories....some say Don't Use Them...some say Create Them.....some say It Helps...some say It Slows it Down....

So what is it? Can someone explain when to use them and when not? Does it depends on the platform of NDS and/or LDAP? Maybe the eDirectory version is important too?

The Solution

Indexes improve search times, have little or no effect on read times, but increase write times and storage size. Use them where you need, don't use them if you don't.

Create indexes if your application (including DirXML) needs to search the directory based on the presence or value of a particular attribute.

For example, if you had an application, say a PBX system, that needed to search for a telephone number and return the user's full name for display, you would want to index telephone number. You would not index full name since you wouldn't be searching on this.

However, if no similar application exists, you should not index telephone number, nothing would ever use the index, and each index you create exacts a penalty in object write time, as well as DIB size.

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