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Native File Access for UNIX (NAFU)

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By Rudi Synoradzki

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Posted: 16 Sep 2003


TID-10077258 - NFAUUser will not be created.

  • SCHINST.NLM could not create NFAUUser object.
  • Error -613 in SCHINST.LOG
  • Failed to add schema attribute userPassword
  • Error from NISUPGD.SCH: "userPassword attribute in DSBROWSE displays lower and upper bound are set to FFFFFFFF"
  • Error in DSMISC.LOG "Lower bound does not match existing schema attribute definition."


  1. Set up a new tree without installing ZFD4 and install NFAU into that tree.

  2. Use DSBROWSE to verify the values for the attribute "userPassword":
    • lower-bound should be 1
    • upper-bound should be 80

  3. Import the schema of the new tree into the failing tree. You can use DSREPAIR or iManager, makes no difference.

  4. After successfully importing the schema of the new tree you can see a log entry that the lower-bound value was corrected.

  5. Now run SCHIST.NLM -N again from the console of the (prior) failing tree - the NFAUUser account will be created and you can go on with NFAU.

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