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Posted: 17 Jun 2004

We received an inquiry from a reader who was interested in knowing more about Novell's decision to open source iFolder. He said: "I'm incredibly excited to see Novell putting their source code where their mouth is, but I'm curious as to what Novell's future plans for iFolder are."

Here's the scoop.

Novell recently introduced the iFolder open source project, a project that will be the basis for the next enterprise version of Novell iFolder and other future collaboration products. The project helps Novell continue to keep its promise to be a valuable, contributing member of the open source software community. The iFolder open source project consists of three code branches: Simias (the core synchronization engine and data store upon which Novell iFolder is based), an address book (which iFolder uses when sharing iFolder accounts), and iFolder (which consumes both Simias and the address book).

The code will be offered to the public under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), with Novell maintaining code copyrights in order to be able to distribute future products based on this code under traditional Novell commercial licenses. The iFolder open source project is hosted on Novell Forge and additional detail on the iFolder open source project can be found at

By creating the iFolder open source project, Novell is making available code for an extremely valuable and beneficial piece of software, and we trust the community will enhance and improve it to the benefit of everyone. Because it is an open source project, customers will be able to easily customize iFolder or add features to fit their needs without waiting for traditional product releases from Novell. This version of iFolder is being developed using the Mono framework, a community project initiated by Novell to develop an open source version of the Microsoft .NET development platform. That means smoother and easier development of iFolder for Linux, Windows, Macintosh and NetWare.

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