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Posted: 7 Jul 2004

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Do you or any of your customers relate to the following issues?

How can we improve communication within the organization to provide excellent internal technical support?
Without redesigning training processes, how can we implement timely improvements to our users?

In addition to providing solutions to the problems above, wouldn't it be nice if your business solution's ability to leverage your Novell based IT infrastructure also enhanced your:

  • Individual and collective productivity
  • Ability to respond to problems and track their progress
  • Quality and success of customer engagement

Having an established Novell platform, FCC Services Inc. was able to extend its Novell systems while leveraging NetWare.

FCCS' IT department oversees the hands-on requirements of the work environment including setting up desktops and applications, database maintenance, and handling all aspects of the network environment. The IT staff also supports each department and employee with technology / technical support for every aspect of their technology infrastructure - from backup maintenance to email.

The solution built on NetWare (GroupLink's HelpDesk) is now simple; thanks to the simplicity of the Novell infrastructure, each user has access to FCCS' catalog of categories for any given problem or need. A user simply submits a ticket through the system and an email is automatically sent to the appropriate person or department. The user then gets a return email ticket confirming that the request has been received and by whom.

NetWare provides a supported, highly scalable foundation for running thousands of open source applications. NetWare gives comprehensive Web application services to develop, deploy, and manage applications based on Java and Web services standards, standards that provide greater enterprise application interoperability. With NetWare, the network is up and costs are down. NetWare provides essential services for creating a business environment that is always up and available from anywhere.

The NetWare-based business solution FCCS selected (HelpDesk?) is also Linux compatible and allows the option of using other Novell technology, including GroupWise, eDirectory and a web interface. It also utilizes the power of GroupWise messaging and calendaring.

For more information about FCCS' experience in extending its NetWare infrastructure READ the full story here (and get your free on-line trial)

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