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Portland General Electric Embraces NetWare-based ContactWise as Part of Its Strategic Plan

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Posted: 30 Aug 2004

Portland General Electric (PGE) operates at numerous locations in the greater Portland area and employs 2,200. PGE frequently sends mailings to its 90,000 customers, as well as to its 900 assigned accounts.

The NetWare-based business solution PGE selected (ContactWise?) is also Linux compatible and authenticates each user against the ID's in eDirectory. With the help of ContactWise, PGE is able to answer the needs of its 90,000 customers in a timely and effective manner by tracking customers, managing accounts and maintaining regular mailings to all of its contacts.

"The system allows us to keep track of notes using headings like 'phone record,' 'email,' 'site visit,' 'association related,' 'letter mail,' and many others," said Alex McCartney, a business analyst for Portland General Electric. "While eliminating system glitches and crashes, we have also expanded our contact management capabilities with GroupWise and ContactWise, which translates into saved time, effort, and money for Portland General Electric.

Without rearranging the existing infrastructure and maintaining the core strategy for the company, PGE was able to implement a mission-critical piece of software that changed things for the better. The ability to take an established and successful investment in NetWare and expand upon it has added value to an existing successful situation.

GroupLink's ContactWise builds on NetWare and utilizes Novell tools GroupWise and eDirectory in its Sales Force Automation and advanced contact management solution. The ContactWise solution enables users to create sales force automation and customer-managed relationships to deliver higher customer satisfaction, enhanced profitability and greater productivity. ContactWise also utilizes the power of GroupWise messaging and calendaring, going beyond typical customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

For more information about how PGE embraced Novell-based ContactWise as part of its strategic plan and did it by building upon their preferred identity management infrastructure, read the full story here (and get your free download)

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