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Solutions to Problems with Veritas Backup

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By Tom Williamson

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Posted: 8 Sep 2004

This is a tip/solution I posted on the forum a while ago. (Although I am known as ElWappo there ..) I thought it would make a good tip for anyone banging their heads on the wall with a NetWare server that has a fat32 partition on the boot partition.

Problem: (Discovered on a NetWare 6 sp4 server)

Using Veritas 8.6.x or 9.x server on a Windows platform to backup a NetWare file system using the Veritas Remote agent on the target NetWare server generates all of or some of the following issues:

1. Random access denied to files during the backup process noted in the Veritas Backup job log.

2. A soft abend when attempting to launch bestart.ncf at the system console to load the backup agent.

There are really two issues here. The first problem is a result of the change-over in NetWare 6 sp4 to TSAFS from TSA600. TSAFS will only work proparly with backup exec 9.1 server running on a NetWare server. If you have 9.1server running on a Windows server you will get the random access denied errors. Switching back to TSA600 and unloading TSAFS is the fix in this case. (Which was recommended to me by Veritas.)

The second issue occurs if your boot partition on your NetWare server is something other than FAT16. If you have a FAT32 partition the problem is that the backup exec agent attempts to scan for several files located on the C:\ partition. It can't read a FAT32 partition, so it generates a soft abend. The fix in this case, for us anyway, was to alter our bestart.ncf to read:


This file is located in the sys:\system directory. Again this change only solves the soft abend on a NetWare server with a fat32 partition.

If you have any questions you may contact Tom at elwappocne@"takethisout", making sure to remove the "takethisout" comment from the email address.

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