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Keep an Eye on Disk Space Issues with DFMAIL.PL

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By Jim Hoffman

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Posted: 8 Sep 2004

Always running tight on disk space? Here's a PERL script that will automatically mail you with your current diskspace "issues".

DFMAIL.PL README FILE is a simple, little PERL script designed as an aid for Novell Administrators in their never ending quest to maintain a running network. It is designed to run on a NetWare server that has PERL installed.

The script itself is simple. Simply run it and it will check all the volumes on the current server. If any of the volumes have less than 8% free, an e-mail warning is sent. If the volumes all have more than 8% free, an e-mail notification is sent that the script ran. (This threshold can be changed by simply changing the line "if ($percentfree < 8){" to a higher or lower number, as desired.) The easiest way to run this is via cron.

Also, you will have to set the mail server that you plan to relay mail through and the destination e-mail address. (They're right near the top of the PERL script and should stand out pretty well.)


Although this script has been tested on a fully patched NetWare 5.1 server, the author makes no warranties, guarantees, or promises as to its fitness for any particular purpose. Nor can the author guarantee that it will not crash your server. It shouldn't, but nobody's making any promises! Good luck!
(c) 2004 by J.K. Hoffman

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