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Moving NDPS Broker and Manager to New Server

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By Tom Williamson

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Posted: 18 Oct 2004

PROBLEM: Moving a NDPS Broker and Manager from one server and volume to another server and volume results in ?volume_unknown? when attempting to load the NDPS Manager on the new server.

(From one NW6 sp4 server to another NW6 sp4 server/eDirectory 8.6.2)


This was a big gotcha! I followed all of the procedures outlined in the following TID:

The Broker move was flawless.

The backup to NDS, and local, went fine. But, to my horror, when I loaded the manager on another server I received a ?volume_unknown? error when the manager was attempting to load it's database. It turns out that after you move a print manager to another server and volume you need to edit the following field in Console One (or another object editor) on the print manager object:

Under other - edit (as viewed in Console One)

The key value for database volume needs to be modified to point to the new server and volume. If you don't do this you will get the volume_unknown error when loading the manager. There's no TID for this solution that I am aware of. Also if you plan on using iPrint you may discover that the web share that is accessible via http://servername:631\ipp will no longer allow anonymous access. If your prompted for login just go into any NetWare management utility and give public read access to the sys/login/ippdocs directory. That'll fix you right up!

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