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iFolder Local Security Utility

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By Andrew Hertsch

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Posted: 18 Oct 2004

This utility was created to meet our company security guidelines for protecting confidential data on mobile computers. Following are some of the problems/findings which prompted the creation of this utility:


iFolder only encrypts the data when transferring over the wire between client and server. Due to company security guidelines, local data encryption on mobile computers is required.


You can encrypt the users iFolder directory, however, because the iFolder service controls the synchronization, the data is downloaded to the users local directory and remains unencrypted. (The data in the directory must be created by the user that encrypted it, or it is created unencrypted).

Run this utility at startup as a front end to Microsoft's CIPHER, it creates and encrypts the local iFolder directory each time the user logs in.


Download from here (free!)

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