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Posted: 11 Jan 2001

AdRem Remote Console for NetWare enables you to remotely access and control the server console of any NetWare server. It is easy to use, works over IPX and IP, does not overload Windows.

AdRem Remote Console connects with servers through secure NCP connections, and automatically chooses the right network protocol (IP or IPX). The program offers better security for network operations than RConsole because it uses NDS authentication so that every user must be logged on the NetWare server in order to access the server console. This mechanism eliminates risk of unauthorized use of this program.

Please note that this application is no trial, no beta, no demo version - it is full commercial product, which we have been distributing for over a year with significant success. The program passed all tests required to receive Novell's "YES, Tested & Approved" certificate. It is professional, safe and WAN optimized.

Download and enjoy!

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