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Installing a 5.x server into a 4.11 tree

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Posted: 18 Jan 2001

One reader asks:
It seems to be not easy to install a NW 5.1 Server in a NW4.11 tree (with a scenario of +/- 35 servers being NetWare 4.11).......? I have an idea on how to do this, but I just want to be sure it is a good one ...

  • Install the server 5.1 standalone
  • Create a temporary tree
  • Install the SP1 or SP2a
  • Delete the temporary tree
  • Insert the new server into the NW4.11 tree

And the gurus respond:
This is not a good idea for the first NW5.1 server in a NW4.11 tree. The first NW5.1 server in the tree must contain a replica of the [Root] partition to guarantee that the schema extensions that are introduced by NW5.1 are propogated throughout the tree correctly. The general recommendation for the first NW5.1 server in a NW4.11 tree is to upgrade an existing server that holds a replica of [Root] first, or to install the new server as NW4.11, then add a replica of [Root] to it and then perform an in-place upgrade.

This general principal applies to any product installation that extends the schema. Schema extensions only propogate to servers that are in partitions that the server introducing the schema extensions holds a replica of and down the tree from those partitions. Schema extensions do not propogate up the tree.

Some application installations walk the tree to [Root] during the schema extension portion of the installation and will extend the schema properly no matter which server you are installing the application to. Unfortunately most applications that extend the schema do not do this, so you should always install to a server holding a replica of [Root] first.

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