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Posted: 1 Feb 2001

We have two login script utilities that have been embraced by the Novell community.

The first is called Log Info (v1.40). This utility is used to save companies time and money. By simply adding one line their Novell login script Log Info can log Hardware and Network information, Operating System data, Processor types and MHz, RAM, HD sizes, MAC Address and much more! Log Info will write this information to a comma-delimited file that is perfect for importing into Excel, Access or any SQL database.

You can view information online about Log Info at: software/utility/loginfo/

The next utility that we could like to mention is called Message Manager Deluxe. Basically this is a login script enhancement utility that allows admins to display Windows-style messages upon login script execution. There is no other software product on the market today that can compare to the features our product offers. If your visitors ever wanted to share information with users across their network or department, this product is perfect. For example they could display a company privacy or usage policy weekly to users when they log in to their machines. If the users choose YES they may continue, otherwise they can configure it to shutdown the computer. This product have many other features, visit the website below for more details... software/utility/mm_deluxe/

For both of these utilities you can download our FREE 100% fully functional version to see what we are talking about.

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