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Installing SBS 5

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Andreas Bach

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Posted: 14 Dec 1999

Andreas is a Toronto Systems Engineer, and a frequent contributor to the GroupWise Cool Solutions site. So when he took NW5 SBS out of the box and set it up, naturally he thought to time it. There's nothing cooler than a guy with a new stopwatch and a warm spot for Cool Solutions. Anyway, we thought you'd like seeing this, in case you're wondering how much time you need to block out for getting the stuff installed. Thanks, Andreas!

I recently set up NW5 Small Biz and timed how long things took and was quite impressed how fast and easy it was.

PII-400 Compaq Deskpro, 64 MB Ram, 6.4 GB disk, 24x CDRom, CPQ 10/100 internal NIC (N100)

Upon installation on a blank hard disk you fill in four questions:

  1. Format drive with 100 MB DOS partition, or leave any existing partitions alone? (I put down a new 100 MB partition)
  2. Express or Custom installation? (I chose Express)
  3. Company name? (server is then called companyname_srv, tree is companyname_tree, o is companyname, perhaps abbreviated)
  4. What is your Time Zone?

From now on no other intervention is required. (All times in minutes from start.) (FYI: Licences are automatically loaded from floppy when needed.)

  • 0 - Installation proceeds after answering above questions
  • In 10 minutes - Pre-copy is done, and the GUI loads and file copy continues.
  • In 23 minutes - Server is done installing. "Please remove all disks and click Restart."
  • In 25 minutes - Server is up and running and ready to be logged in to.

So in under 30 minutes you can have a running NW5 Small Business server.

Things I also did but didn't time accurately:

  • Loaded Inetcfg to move NIC loading commands out of AUTOEXEC.NCF (2 minutes including "Restart Server")
  • Ran the Novell Internet Connection Expert (NICE) on a Win98 workstation. This set up a modem to dial an ISP using a Dynamic IP address (5 minutes including "Restart Server")
  • Loaded NWConfig and selected Install other products and picked BorderManager Enterprise Edition 3 for the FastCache support. Questions asked:
    1. Select to proceed?
    2. Hit ?
    3. Login as .Admin.companyname, password: Admin to install schema extensions ?
    4. Select NICs that are Public, Private ?
    5. Select , and ?
    6. Entered DNS name (

These steps took another 7-8 minutes. GroupWise installation should be similar. Hope this info will be of use to you.

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