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Cool Tool: BorderManager Proxy Statistics Tool

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Simon Begin

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Posted: 6 Nov 2002

Scan BorderManager log files and create useful reports in HTML.

This program scans proxy server common log files, and creates HTML files containing these statistics:

  • A summary
  • Top 20 Users
  • Top 20 Web sites (URL)
  • Analysis of each Top 5 Users (Top 10 URLs for each of the Top 5 Users)
  • Analysis of each Top 5 URLs (Top 10 Users for each of the Top 5 URLs)
  • Top 20 IP Addresses
  • 24 hour traffic analysis
  • 7days/24hour traffic analysis
  • Top 20 proxy return codes (for example error 404=not found)
  • Top 20 file types (for example .gif, .html, .jpg)
  • Top file sizes
  • An HTML index that links to all HTML stats available.

Download it free here:

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