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Cool Tool: New and Improved Big Red NetWare Clock

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By Paul Hardwick

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Posted: 20 Feb 2003

I have updated my utility "The Big Red NetWare Clock". I had been getting a lot of e-mail to me address requesting that the tool have some new features in it. I eventually got around to coding them during my spare time at home.

The Big Red NetWare Clock is an NLM that displays a large clock on the NetWare server console. You can toggle between 24-hour and 12-hour format, adjust the colour (if you can't take all that red...) and now use it as a screensaver.

NWClock Console Commands

Syntax:   NWCLOCK [command]
          Where [command] is one of the following:

HELP      Display this help text
VERSION   Display the Version string information
START     Start the updates to the clock
STOP      Stop the updates to the clock
REFRESH   Refresh the clock (eg: if you have changed the time 
		  or display format)
STATUS    Display program status details

NWClock Set Parameters

These are kept in the Miscellaneous category.

NWCLOCK Daylight Savings Lie:  0
   Limits: 0 to 2
   Can be set in the startup ncf file.
   Description: Allows manual adjustment of the clock to 
   	account for daylight savings issues that may be found 
	on some servers.
           0 = Disable adjustments for daylight savings
           1 = (+1) Adjusts the time forward one hour
           2 = (-1) Adjusts the time backward one hour
  	To change between forward and backwards you should 
	first set it to 0 and then perform a 
	"NWCLOCK REFRESH" from the console.
    Note:  This only adjusts the time displayed
	on the NWCLOCK screen. It does NOT alter 
	the actual server time. It
    can be thought of as a 'cosmetic' adjustment.

NWCLOCK Display Time In 24 Hour Format:  ON
   Can be set in the startup ncf file.
   Description: Display the clock in 24 hour format 
   (otherwise displays in 12-hour mode).

NWCLOCK Screen Saver Delay:  5 minutes
   Limits: 1 minute to 2 hours
   Can be set in the startup ncf file.
   Description: Time to wait until the console 
   flips to the NWClock screen.

NWCLOCK Big Digit Colour:  12
   Limits: 1 to 15
   Can be set in the startup ncf file.
   Description: Colour in decimal on the NetWare pallette 
   to set the Big Digits to. Choose from the following table:
        Blue   = 1     Brown   = 6     Hi Cyan   = 11
        Green  = 2     White   = 7     Hi Red    = 12
        Cyan   = 3     Gray    = 8     Hi Magenta= 13
        Red    = 4     Hi Blue = 9     Yellow    = 14
        Magenta= 5     Hi Green= 10    Hi White  = 15


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