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Booting NetWare from LUN0

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Posted: 8 Feb 2001

Question from a customer:

    We have just completed a proof-of-concept of booting NetWare servers, as part of a cluster, to an EMC SAN... It worked, yipee! Now we are starting to plan for production. However, one issue that apparently came up was that NetWare MUST boot from LUN0 (that's zero)... So if I am trying to gets lots of NetWare servers to remote boot against a SAN (EMC Symmetrix 5700 in this case), each server must operate on its own Fiber Adapter (each supports 128 LUNs, from 0 to 127).... Can anyone confirm that this is the case? Is it true that NetWare MUST boot, and can ONLY boot, from LUN0?? If so, are we looking at changing this to be more SAN/Cluster friendly? (HBA is QLA2200F-EMC)

Some Answers:

  • Yes, each server must see LUN0 as it's boot device. You will probably need a Brocade switch that supports LUN masking to do this (not sure of the feature name). We have this running with a XIOTECH SAN and Brocade switch, (and QLOGIC cards) so it might not work with EMC.
  • We are also finding that some fiber controllers allow for booting and some do not. The JNI adapters are nice and fast but don't allow for booting (they don't have a bios chip on them). The Qlogic adapters do allow for booting and have a nice array of parameters to fine tune the adapters. Very similar to the Adaptec CTL-A option during boot.
  • We are doing the same thing with a Xiotech box but I'm using a Gadzoox fiber switch which is cool since it too is managed via ConsoleOne. The Xiotech box allows LUN masking per fiber world wide address (comparable to the MAC address in ethernet controllers). This way we can boot all severs from the shared disk, whether they are NetWare or not. Some shared disk controllers may not allow this type of LUN masking. Xiotec can mask a LUN 0 for all severs in the SAN. Many other shared disk systems can't.

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