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Posted: 28 Dec 2001

I thought I would just post an issue that I have had recently that may help some people out there. Ever since Proxy 26, when I would load or reload my proxy, I would always receive an abend. I had no idea why. It took another problem for me to resolve it.

I had been having problems with BorderManager resolving to an url rather than an IP address for proxy authentication. Fortunately a very helpful news reader suggested that I add the


line to my proxy.cfg.

Well, not only did it fix my authentication redirection problem, but no more ABENDS! I had not noticed in the sample proxy.cfg that comes with the new proxies that under the extra configuration section the above line was added. I overlooked that and only added the virus list to my proxy.cfg. To make a long story short, if you are having problems with the newer proxies abending, try entering the above line and see if it helps!

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