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Posted: 9 May 2002

Update: Well, a different Kiwi submitted an entry and it is indeed lower than Tasmania. Congrats to Alliance Group Ltd, in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Here's how the contest works:

We are looking for the northern-most AND southern-most NBM server in use today. Here's what we have so far. If you think you're higher or lower, enter this contest, and if you are right we'll send you one of those awesome Technical Resource DVDs from Novell Users International (NUI).

Send us details about where you're located, and what your company does, and we'll consult our map to see who's closest to the two Poles.


Send the following to

  • Photo of server.
  • Photo of building that houses the server.
  • Address of building that houses the server.
  • 1-paragraph description of your company and how you are using BorderManager


Until we hear different, here's what we're calling the Highest BorderManager Server on Earth:

Greenland Home Rule Government

Malik Hansen, Head of Networking, IT-Dept., Greenland Home Rule Govt.,Qarasaasiaqarfik, Nuuk, Greenland

I think we can beat Makivik Corporation as the northernmost BorderManager server. Greenland Home Rule Govt. (also Inuit) uses BorderManager 3.6 to protect the Government Administration and the 16 Greenlandic hospitals via GB fiber, wan and satelite links. The BorderManager is placed in Nuuk - the capitol of Greenland (64:11N 51:40W). But as we also serve the hospitals the northern-most location our BorderManager protects is the hospital in Qaanaaq (77:27N 69:11W)

We have BorderManager Enterprise Edition and use it as proxy, firewall and VPN server. We're an all-Novell shop (BorderManager, NetWare, GroupWise and ZENWorks) except for a few WinNT, Win2000 and Alpha servers.

Here's a photo of our BorderManager server (Compaq Proliant 1850) in the main location in Nuuk and a picture of our building.

By the way Qarasaasiaqarfik means "the place with the artificial brains" in Greenlandic, which is an Inuit dialect like Inuktitut in Canada.

The pictures were taken in early April. The temperatures now (and then) are around -5C at night and +2C ind the day (23 - 36 F) so we have spring.

A colleague and I were at this year's BrainShare in SLC and we enjoyed the climate - not too hot and a decent amount of snow.

If you want to learn a little more about Greenland I can recommend Greenland's public portal Nanoq means polar bear, which is Greenland's national coat of arms. Unfortunately it runs at a Win2000 server but at least it's accelerated by our BorderManager;-)

Santa's home is in Greenland too as we're closest to the North Pole. Just have a look at

Almost Highest

Makivik Corporation

Kuujjuaq is a small Inuit community of about 1500 people in northern Quebec. It also serves as the head office of the Makivik Corporation. Makivik's mission is as follows:

To receive, administer, use and invest the compensation money intended for the Inuit as provided for in the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement.

  • To relieve poverty and to promote the welfare and the advancement of education of the Inuit. To foster, promote, protect and assist in preserving the Inuit way of life, values and traditions.
  • To initiate, expand and develop opportunities for the Inuit to participate in the economic development of their society.
  • To exercise the functions vested in it by other acts or the Agreement.
  • To develop and improve the Inuit communities and to improve their means of action.
  • To assist in the creation, financing or development of businesses, properties and industries of the Inuit.

Makivik recently needed to set up Internet access for its users, mostly Macintosh computers, but several PC users as well. There are two Appleshare servers for file and print services, a mail server and a Filemaker Pro database server. The issue was to select a firewall solution that would protect the network from unauthorized access.

Makivik opted for Novell's BorderManager Enterprise Edition 3.6.


Until we hear different, here's what we're calling the "Lowest BorderManager Server on Earth."

Alliance Group Ltd., Invercargill, New Zealand

Julian Friend, PC LAN Administrator, Alliance Group Ltd

We're here in Invercargill, New Zealand at -46.25° S, and I don't think there is anyone more southerly. Definitely in New Zealand you will have to be on a boat to be further South, and I don't think anyone in Chile or Argentina will have a Novell Shop.

Our Company is the Alliance Group Ltd. We are a meat processing company with seven sites around the South Island of New Zealand with Novell servers at each site. The Corporate Office is in Invercargill and we have a BM3.6 server which we use in conjunction with Websweeper for Content Scanning and blocking and BM to do access control and Firewall Filtering.

Almost Lowest

Retirement Benefits Fund Board, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Note: Hobart, Tasmania: latitude -42.52° S, 147.19° E.

John Thomas, Network Support, Retirement Benefits Fund Board, Hobart Tasmania 7000 Australia

I would like to enter into this competition for the southern-most BorderManager server. (Incidently you monkeys down northern have been hanging upside down for so long you have lost all sense of direction - Australia is on the high side of the world (in all ways) which makes Kuujjuaq the lowest BM server on earth.)

RBF is Tasmania's public sector superannuation fund and has been Tasmanian-owned and operated since it was established in 1904. As one of Australia's leading superannuation schemes, RBF offers flexibility in contribution options and benefits.

We use BorderManager ver 3.6 to log web sites that our users go to and to block sites that are not work related. We love BorderManager as it's simple to use and provides good accurate stats.

Our website is at

Almost Lowest

Wairarapa District Health Board, Masterton, New Zealand

(Masterton, NZ: latitude -40.9543?, longitude 175.6670?)

Graeme Nelson, IT Systems Support Officer, Wairarapa District Health Board


.. but good on them for trying!

I can pretty much guess that we aren't the southern-most that actually exists, but we'll see if anyone south of us raises their hand to claim the prize.

We, the Wairarapa District Health Board, are based in the town of Masterton in New Zealand. We are both a healthcare provider and a co-ordinator of healthcare provision to the Wairarapa region, which has a population of about 40,000.

We are currently running BMEE 3.6 as our corporate firewall, providing firewall, proxy and VPN services. We have found NBM to be an excellent firewall/proxy/VPN solution on account of its robustness, flexibility, NDS integration, and relative ease of management. We are also looking forward to BM3.7 (already ordered) to increase the ease of management.

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