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Charge for Internet use with inGOT

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Richard Bourne

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Posted: 18 Apr 2002

We have developed a cool addition to BorderManager. It has been developed specifically for schools, and is being used in a number of schools in New Zealand and Australia. One of the Australian schools suggested I should contact you to see about getting inGOT listed on Cool Solutions. They certainly think inGOT is a 'Cool Solution' :-).

inGOT is a product that scans the BM logs, calculates how much traffic each user has generated, coverts that traffic into a dollar value and deducts that amount from the user's account. When a user's balance drops below zero, inGOT immediately blocks their access to the Internet. Once payment is made into their account (and the balance goes above zero) their access to the Internet is restored.

There are also some special reports available with this product. inGOT holds details of the sites visited by each user in its database. A number of pre-configured reports are available to report on individual or group Internet usage. As this information is stored in a MS-Access database, new specific reports can be produced by anyone with MS-Access report writing skills.

There is a free, fully functional, five-user version of inGOT you can download and try. Get all the details at

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