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NBM Logging and Reporting

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By Scott Jones

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Posted: 25 Apr 2002

Current Version: Novell BorderManager 3.7

We provide a native reporting facility in NBM that is very limited in functionality. There are six canned reports, plus the data can be exported to a delimited text file for analysis by something else. Some customers find these reports adequate, but most seek out a third-party solution. There are already many exceptional reporting solutions on the market and to ensure that all standard logging formats are supported, we expose an API set for 3rd party developers, and we integrate with NAAS.

Look at the January AppNote for a excellent discussion of this whole topic. Understanding Novell BorderManager's HTTP Proxy Logs

WebTrends is one option to consider for reporting. For more info, see Using WebTrends Firewall Suite in the January 2002 AppNotes.

WebSpy, is an alternative to WebTrends. Also check out the freeware tool called BorderStats, and the new versions of SuperScout and CyberPatrol from SurfControl that work with NBM 3.7.

If you are using something else and it's working well for you, let us know and we'll add it to the list.

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