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Clean out the Dead Users

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Jim Hoffman

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Posted: 15 Nov 2002

Clean out all the dead users from your tree regularly, and it could help reduce security issues.

We run a NLIST report from a batch file I created, that outputs User Accounts that have not logged in for more than 30 days, have never logged in, or have been disabled. We go through that report and clean up "dead" users every Friday. We find it helps cut down on open potential security "issues" as well as helps keep our NDS tree tidy.

There's also a template that goes with it. The template makes it a Windows DOC file and allows Wordpad to have the file correctly formatted when it opens. I've included both in this ZIP file. The batch file contains what little documentation I had for it. It's really a pretty simple program.


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