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Monitor BorderManager User Activity in Real Time

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By Victor Kulichkin

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Posted: 11 Apr 2003

Heads Up: If you're looking to stay ahead of inappropriate Internet activity, this cool tool has just been updated.

The RTMonitor program scans the most current common log file of BorderManager server and creates the following statistics in real time:

  • User IP addresses.
  • NDS user name (if Proxy Authentication is in use).
  • Last web site visited by the user (will see IP address if Transparent Proxy is used instead of HTTP Proxy).
  • Last time this site was accessed in the main window, and the last ten URL's visited in the History window, per user.
  • Common loading of the user from the moment of start of the program.
  • Current loading of the user for the current time cycle of the program.
  • Start time of the program.
  • Number of users accessing the Internet through BorderManager HTTP or Transparent Proxy, up to 100 (3 - for the demo version).
  • Waiting time.
  • Average HTTP loading of the server for 5 min.


  • Sort collected information.
  • Connect to selected web sites to see where your users have been.
  • Look through the history (cache) of these web sites for some cycles of the program.
  • Download

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