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By Rostislav Letos

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Posted: 13 Mar 2001

NETMON stands for NETwork MONitor.

NETMON.NLM is a NetWare loadable module which acts on the server console and monitors network traffic on a given network interface card.

Program's main screen gives you quick overview of what is happening on the network segment monitored NIC is connected to. Semigraphical, colored histogram as well as various counters (TX,RX,packets,bytes,peak,...) provide you with comprehensive information.

Capture screen allows you to capture packets on a given network interface. Because switching to and from promiscuous mode is also supported by this program, you can capture not only the traffic, which belongs to the server, but in fact any packet visible to the segment, to which the server is connected. Capture screen provides you with comprehensive information about captured packets and can be effectively used for first and quick analysis of any server/client problem.

Captured data can also be filtered "on the fly", according to what the actual need is. Filtering is based on source/destination MAC addresses or IP addresses, and/or on protocol type (IPX/SPX, TCP/IP). Once you have packets in your buffer, you can either show and dump them on the screen or you can save them into the file for later detailed analysis. File format used is compatible with Novell's LANalyzer file format.

NetMon supports post-filtering operations over captured packets. Simple yet powerful filter command interpreter has been built into this software.

One of the big advantages of this program is that you do not need any extra PC or other device when you need to capture traffic between the server and the client PC on the segments equipped with intelligent switching hubs. These intelligent switching devices do not allow you to see the network traffic which does not belong to the port you are connected to. So monitoring traffic between NetWare server and a client PC is rather complicated in such case. Using NETMON.NLM helps significantly here. You just load NETMON.NLM on the server you want to monitor and that's it!

NetMon recognizes and supports multiple boards/interfaces on the NetWare server, and supports switching to/from promiscuous mode, which is needed for capturing the whole traffic on the given network segment.

This version of NetMon understands and supports Ethernet 10MBit as well as Ethernet 100MBit technology and can be loaded on 3.x, 4.x and 5.x NetWare server versions. Token-Ring 4MBit and Token-Ring 16MBit technologies are also supported, but the support here is somehow limited.

This is a free, date-stamped trial version. To get the full version, see details in the readme file.

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Download and enjoy!

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