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DirXML and support for Deltas on Import

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Posted: 5 Apr 2001

Here's the Scenario:
You've got a system X with users, that you need to synchronize with eDirectory using DirXML. Every day (or week or whatever), a complete list of users is exported from system X to a simple text file (CSV or something similar). System X is not capable of exporting deltas.

The total number of users in the textfile could be several hundred thousand, but each day only a few hundred users are changed, added or deleted.

The Question:
Can you ensure that we only synchronize changed / new / deleted users are effected?

How does it filter out users which have not changed and already exist? Where does filtering occur? Is it correct that it can occur in one of three places:

  • Before the import occurs (ie. we somehow create a delta text file)
  • Upon importing from the text file, which would require scanning the entire text file, checking each user entry for existense in NDS and comparing each attribute, possibly in a filtered replica.
  • After import. Perhaps the entire file is imported into a filtered replica, and then only changes are synchronized to other replicas and other systems?
The Solution:
What we would suggest is that the APPSHIME makes some filtering before :
  • Your Application --> Export --> APPSHIME
    • Takes the export and compares to the local DB
    • Generates the updates
      • Create
      • Delete
      • Modify
          Taken by the DirXML flat file
  • So it is like:

This could easily be done with JBuilder from Borland, they ship a BDE (Borland Database Engine) and also JDBC so the local DB can be anything from DBase Compatible to Oracle or MSSQL.

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