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Which Logs Can You Delete?

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Posted: 15 Jan 2003

If you're one who likes to keep the volumes on your servers clean and tidy, here's a customer question you can probably relate to (complete with helpful answer).

The question:
As we've used DirXML, we notice it saves a few logs in the following directory: ../nds/dib/ These log files are named "3" and DIRXML.LOG. Do you know how we can specify the maximum size of that archive? The files in question appear to contain DirXML transactions. We're just wondering which files contain critical DS data and wich files are merely logs that can be erased periodically?

Here's the scoop:
DirXML uses *.TAO and *.WBK files for transaction information. Those files are stored in the DIB directory and, like all files in the DIB directory, should not be touched. The DirXML.LOG and any other logs (dstrace, javatracefile, etc...) can be deleted as they wish.

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