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Checking for Duplicate Usernames

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By Israel Forst

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Posted: 16 Jun 2003

DirXML expert Israel Forst wrote this tool to help him find duplicate user names that exist in a in different OU's of a tree.

You can download the free tool in the Cool Tools section at

Usage is pretty straight forward. Copy the Jar file into a directory then type:

java -cp DupSeach.jar dupeFinder <host name> <login dn> <password> <search filter> <search Attribute> <output filename>

<host name> is the hostname or IP address of the LDAP server
<login dn> is a user with rights to browse the entire tree
<password> password of the user
<search filter> LDAP search filter, in case you want to search only users or something
<search Attribute> the attribute you want to search (CN or UID)
<output filename> the name of the file you want to write duplicates to

java -cp DupeSearch.jar dupeFinder "cn=admin,o=Acme" secret "(objectclass=*)" CN "c:\temp\duplicates.txt"

You must have Clear Text Passwords enabled on your LDAP Server.

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