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Answers to Your Password Sync Installation Questions

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By Richard Lewis

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Posted: 11 Sep 2003

Here's a list of files and tips that will make your installation of Password Sync for Windows a relatively painless event. They are presented in date and installation order to make life easier :-)

  1. DirXML v1.1a (recommended) installed, tested and running OK.

  2. For testing with Windows 2000, SP1 should be used. Higher levels of service packs and some security patches may stop the sync process if DirXML patches have not been applied. If you are confident you already have the latest versions, go ahead with SP3 or SP4 but watch those security patches.

  3. Password Sync v1.0 product files as shipped, plus patch.
    TID-2962702 - Password Sync Agent Update

  4. Install the latest ADDriver.DLL v2.0a or later. If you are using DirXML1.1a (recommended) then use the ADDriver.dll file from it or a patched version. If you only have DirXML v1.0 then use the ADDriver.dll from a patched version of the Password Sync package.
    TID-2964098 - Updated ADDriver for DirXML 1.1 and 1.1a
    TID-2965397 - Updated files for Password Sync 1.0

  5. Additional patches; get them here:
    TID-2964748 - Advanced AD Driver Import File

  6. Further files were changed to fix specific problems, i.e. if you are running eDir 8.7 see:
    • TID-2965396 - Field Patch for DirXML 1.1a
    • TID-2965679 - DirXML ACL fix for eDirectory Driver
    • TID-2965733 - Updated Patch for DirXML 1.1a (22 May 2003)
    • TID-2966257 - Latest updated AD Driver for DirXML (10 June 2003, Patch Version 3)

  7. Read the documentation accompanying the TIDs carefully!

  8. Be prepared to reboot any domain controllers where the PasswordSync filter is to be installed, because you will be prompted during the installation to do so.

Troubleshooting TIDs

  • TID-10075201 - Password Sync will not sync passwords
  • TID-10068427 - Active Directory Driver will not work
  • TID-10069263 - Unspecified error with DirXML and Active Directory
  • TID-10070409 - Users created in AD sync slowly
  • TID-10065529 - Users not synchronizing between eDirectory and AD.
  • TID-10079575 - Do I need to run the Password Sync1.0 DirXMLUpDate_exe.
  • TID-10079666 - Domain Controller Name resolution for Password Synchronization 1.0 and NAM
  • TID-10070203 - Password Synchronization is not Updating Passwords.
  • TID-10078395 - Unable to synchronize reference to nadLoginName.

Troubleshooting Tools

For debugging the password sync process see: and

If you have questions for Richard about his list, you can contact him here

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