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Using UniqueID to Name Objects

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Posted: 11 Jul 2003

We recently posted this Q&A, and alert reader Brook Schofield sent us a gentle correction.

Question: DT wrote: Through DirXML, can I name objects with uniqueID instead of CN? If you set the dest-dn it defaults to naming the object with CN.

Answer: Both CN and uniqueID are naming attributes for the USER class. However, you must supply a CN - as it's mandatory - where uniqueID is not. If you populate the uniqueID with an add-addr then you can locate the directory object by its alternate naming attribute. A custom class won't come with a nice snapin like the user class does. You could split the uniqueID to CN so both are populated, if that meets your needs.

Brook Schofield

The answer to the question "Using UniqueID" is wrong. It is, in fact, possible to name (build a DN) with the uniqueID. In your matching rule make sure that you match on the uniqueID attribute:

<match-attr attr-name="uniqueID"/>

and make your placement rule something like:


this will do what the person is asking.

I hope this helps someone.

If you have any questions you may contact Brook at

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