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By Sylvain Maertchik

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Posted: 18 Dec 2003

The Problem

I would like to have an e-mail sent to the Administrator when a new user is created in eDirectory from Active Directory.

The Solution

If you look at the TID 10080526, you are able to send an e-mail to RNS through DirXML style sheets. But it does not tell you how to indicate the name of the user created. (Or any other attribute you may want to include in the message body.)

Here are the XSL commands you can add to the <xsl:message> element.

Don't forget to set up the report & notification services (included the specific module "stylesheet1") according to the TID 10080526.

  <status level="debug"> 
       <message-body>This is a message from DirXML driver,
       the user <xsl:value-of select="add-attr[@attr-name='Full Name']/value"/> 
       was created from AD</message-body> 
     <subject>DirXML AD-Driver event</subject> 

This template must be added "somewhere" in the existing transformation rule after the <xsl:template match="add[@class-name='User']">. But it can be used to to send e-mail, with other attributes, for different events.

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