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Posted: 24 Mar 2004

We recently got a terrific addition to the Free Tools collection from Volker Scheuber. This extremely popular tool used to be fee-based, and people have gotten very attached to it. You'll see why when you use it, now that he's set it free. It's a great time-saver. It lets you define user interfaces for ConsoleOne using industry standard XML code, then interprets this XML code during runtime. Here's what he said: "I want to publish Advanced Snapin on the Cool Solutions site. We made quite some money with this tool in the past, but now that ConsoleOne is going away I think it's time to give it away to everybody." That's the spirit, Volker! Enjoy, everyone!

Key Features:

  • ConsoleOne snapin (user interface) creation within 5 minutes.
  • Handles almost all attributes syntaxes.
  • Synchronization of "dn" attributes (e.g. "Membership" of class "User" and "Member" of class "Group").
  • Support for multi-valued attributes.
  • Automatic input element configuration (only have to specify handled attribute's name and the rest is taken from the attribute definition in the schema).
  • Supports creator snapin for existing and user defined object classes.
  • Supports pictures.
  • Supports a set of commands to dynamically and automatically calculate values of input elements, e.g. automatically calculate the "Full Name" out of the "Given Name" and the "Surname".
  • API to write your own Java Plug-Ins for Advanced Snapin. Plug-ins extend ConsoleOne's functionality in a different way than snap-ins do: A plug-in might, e.g., call an external Program, launch a wizard or simply display a message box.


  • Easily export your complete snap-in container to a ZIP file as a backup or for easy import into another tree.
  • With dn-panels you have to explicitly specify the attribute multi-valued="true" if you want to allow multiple values. This is only the case if you are using version 0.9.10 or later.
  • Use actions to greatly enhance your snap-ins' functionality.
  • Use an empty creator snapin for user defined object classes to get rid of the annoying and irritating warning when creating an object of this new class:

    <adv dtd="adv.dtd" version="1.0"/>

    This will cause a default snapin to be loaded which will handle all the mandatory attributes that are needed for object creation.
  • Use Advanced Snapin to manage photos in NDS and display them with eGuide 2.0.
  • Use the 'attr-type' attribute only for distinguished name attributes. The snapin will treat the others correctly automatically.

User documentation can be found here: Advanced Snapin Documentation.pdf.


You can download this tool (for free!) from here.

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