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Strategy for Pitching Novell to the Boss: Compare Virus Records

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By Roger Collingwood

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Posted: 23 Dec 2004

We recently ran a contest to see how our readers have been pitching Novell products up and down the org chart in their companies. Here is one of the entries we received; feel free to use this idea when it's budget season again.

If you have any additional suggestions, please let us know.

Roger Collingwood works for Superior Trim Inc. in Findlay, Ohio, USA.

I have always been a big fan of Novell, and when my boss wanted to go to another product, I think my heart stopped! I went in and told him about the cost savings. No good.

I went in again, and told him how we would all need to be retrained. No good.

But on my third try, I started talking about the security of Novell products, and showed him the top 100 viruses that were written and how many were directed towards Novell. That number was ZERO! Now this got his attention!

We are now happily running NetWare 6.5 and loving every minute of it!

Thanks Novell!

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