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Find Out Which Student was Using a Workstation at a Specific Time

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By James Davey

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Updated: 1 Jan 2005

As high school administrators, we needed an easy way to know what student was logged into a particular workstation at a particular time. This was important for security reasons when we knew that, for example, an inappropriate message was sent from a specific workstation but the student who sent it is long gone and others may have logged in after them. Or students may hack into the computer and make configuration changes and we know when it happened but not by whom.

SOLUTION: By using a batch file that force runs on login in a NAL app, policy package or login script, we created a text file with the workstation's name that lists the time and date the user logged in. Each new user appends to the file. It has caught us more than a few troublesome users.

A second one can be set in a policy package to record logoff time as well by setting the policy to run on event user logoff.

@echo off
echo %nwusername%,%date%,%time% >>\\server\vol\logs\%computername%.rpt

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