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NT Client Configuration in ZENworks Workstation Policies Installed in new Tree

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By Dean Colpitts

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Updated: 1 Jan 2005

PROBLEM: No NT Client Configuration in ZENworks Workstation policies with a fresh install of ZfD401 in a new NDS tree (ie fresh install of NW65SBS).

SOLUTION: I have a customer who I just upgraded from SBS6 to SBS65 on a new server, that for reasons I won't get into here, ended up having just the file data migrated to the new server. This, of course, meant that no NDS objects were migrated, and thus no ZENworks Policies, so I recreated all my policies and applications by hand after installing ZfD401. As most of you know by now, ZfD4 does not include the schema extensions for the NT Client Configuration, and after a bunch of searching, I found that as well, much to my dismay.

After doing some reading, I figured out how to get them back without completely re-installing ZfD3x over the top of ZfD4x.

Basically, take your ZfD3x cd, and fire up winsetup.exe from the root of the CD. Tell it to do a ZENworks install, and select a custom install. Select all the components execpt Sybase and click next. On the next page, ZENworks Part Selection, select ONLY Schema Extensions and NDS objects. Finish the ZfD3x install and if you open ConsoleOne, you should now see the Client Configuration option in your workstation packages.

This procedure worked for me, but your mileage may vary.

(Please note: this is a post I made in and someone suggested I submit it to cooltips).

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