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Posted: 30 May 2002

Novell NetMail Support Now Available with EMU

Omni Technology Solutions Inc. ( www.omniclass.net ) is pleased to announce that Enterprise Management Utility (EMU), the leading Novell and GroupWise bulk user import and management application, has been updated to support Novell NetMail. EMU allows you to better leverage the power, flexibility and tremendous value of Novell NetMail in large enterprise environments. EMU allows you to to create, import, modify and/or delete tens, hundreds, or thousands of NDS, GroupWise and NetMail users based a CSV text file exported from your human resources or student information system database. Download the fully functional trail version of EMU from www.omniclass.net

  • Imports NDS and individual NetMail user preferences from a CSV text file.
  • Allows you to bulk change certain NDS values and all NetMail user preferences.
  • Allows you to populate the NDS E-mail Account property by combining multiple NDS fields and text values. This is most useful when creating an e-mail address that uses a combination of a number of NDS properties as in the following example: FirstName.LastName@CompanyName.com EMU allows you to check the combined name results against all of the users in the NDS tree to ensure unique e-mail addresses. EMU works with NetMail, GroupWise 6, 5.5EP and 5.5 running on NetWare 4, 5, 6 and any platform that supports eDirectory.

For more information, go to www.omniclass.net, e-mail Aldo@nmasters.com or phone 1-780-423-4200.

NetMail Notify

Do you appreciate being able to use Novell NetMail's powerful web-based browser to access your e-mail but miss being notified when new e-mail arrives? How would you like to be able to get your Novell NetMail messages without having to login each time? Omni Technology Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce NetMail Notify. With NetMail Notify, you have the benefit of being notified when new mail arrives. NetMail Notify allows you to configure your preferences to automatically check your NetMail account on a regular basis for new messages. NetMail Notify 2.0 will be able to be configured to support multiple NetMail accounts.

Got new mail? Double-click on NetMail Notify and it automatically authenticates to your Novell NetMail account and brings up the browser-based interface - no login and password required. NetMail Notify uses the latest registry encryption algorithms available in the Microsoft .NET programming platform to ensure your NetMail login and password are secure. Version 1.0 of NetMail Notify is compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP workstations running the.NET Framework Runtime elements.

  • NetMail Notify can be configured to check your NetMail account on a regular basis for new e-mails.
  • NetMail Notify can be configured to remember your NetMail login and password.
  • NetMail Notify leverages the registry encryption algorithms provided by the Microsoft .NET to ensure your login and password are secure.
  • NetMail Notify Version 2.0 will be able to be configured to access multiple NetMail accounts.
  • NetMail Notify Version 1.0 will be available on June 1, 2002.

To get on the BETA test team, please contact Aldo@nmasters.com . For more information, go to www.omniclass.net or phone 1-780-423-4200.

Help Desk Utility (HDU) Now Supports Novell NetMail

Help Desk Utility (HDU) was developed to create a simplified interface for Help Desk staff, local administrators and/or teachers to be able to carry our minor changes to NDS, GroupWise, and NetMail values. HDU allows users to change passwords, identification information, and NetMail user preferences without using NWAdmin or ConsoleOne. HDU combines the simplicity, configurability, and power of a single interface to allow your help desk users and teachers to change NDS, GroupWise and Novell NetMail information and passwords! Quick and Easy! Check out HDU at www.omniclass.net

To get on the BETA test team, please contact Aldo@nmasters.com . For more information, go to www.omniclass.net or phone 1-780-423-4200.

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