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Cool Tool: Babymon 2.0 for NetMail

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By Micah Gorrell

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Posted: 21 Aug 2002

System Monitor and E-mail Alarm Utility

An updated version of Babymon is now available. Babymon 2.0 will watch a NetMail (previously called NIMS) server and alert you if there are any problems. It does this by authenticating to SMTP, POP, IMAP and ModWeb.

Changes in this version are listed below:

  • The cygwin DLL is no longer required for running Babymon on Windows

  • Babymon for NetWare is now included

  • The HTTP test now uses a form login so that it can be used on servers that use a Modweb public template. To force babymon to use the old HTTP Auth style the switch "-nf" has been added. This switch must be used for Babymon to work with a NIMS 2.x server running the webmail agent.

  • Support has been added for SSL. When the -s option is added to the command line all communication will be done securely

  • Three levels of Debug are now avaliable. If the -d switch is not on the command line there will be no output. If it appears once debug output will show you when each test is begun, and the result of each test. If it appears twice detailed information about what the test is doing will be displayed. If it appears three times all network traffic will be displayed.

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