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Avoid Personal Address Book Corruption

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Posted: 10 Aug 1999

We picked up this tip from Michel B.

"The following information might be very valuable to anybody who is taking advantage of the GroupWise personal address books. PAB (Personal Address Books) are very interesting: they can be shared since GW 5.5, they can be in sync with hand-held devices (Pumatech Intellisync, GroupWise OutLook Plug-in, etc), and they are very handy for handling account contacts for domestic e-mails or mailing lists.

But PABs can become corrupted easily if a small number of precautions are not followed.

The information below is not documented, and comes from my personal experiences.

When creating contacts, never use a comma (e.g. in the address field). Unlike other database interfaces, GW PAB does not forbid the use of commas, but chances are the resulting contact will vanish, will become mixed with another record, and create some other damage.

How can I tell my PAB is corrupted?
Answer: If entries are vanishing, welcome to the club. One quick way to validate your PAB is to export it to a file (e.g. mypab.NAB), import it with Excel (comma delimited) and make sure that every single line contains a "U" (as in User) in column #1 or a C (as in Company), except line #1 which contains ":::TAGMAP:::0FFE0003:***" or something similar. If column #1 contains something else, the first entry right above this line that starts with a "U" must be deleted in the PAB and re-created manually."

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