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Cool GWIA Rules from Greg R.

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Posted: 26 Aug 1999

Greg R., friendly, astute reader, sent us the following tip:

In order to lessen the keystrokes my users have to type in order to send a message over GWIA (you know, like GWIA:""), I created rules that allow you to just type Here's how I did it: I went to Nwadmin, Tools, GroupWise System Operations, and selected Rules. I created rules based on the projected address. I gave the rule a description and a name and then a search string: *@*.com and a replacestring: GWIA:"". I did this for 2, 3, 4, 5 element address and well as for addresses ending in com, net, gov, us, mil, edu, org. My users now love me.

So do we, Greg. Thanks for writing.

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