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Enterprise-level GroupWise Enhancements

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By Aldo Zanoni

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Posted: 20 Mar 2002

Current version: GroupWise 6, 5.5 EP

From Network Learning Masters and Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

Here are several Novell GroupWise-specific enhancement products that resolve issues in enterprise environments and/or significantly enhance the value proposition of GroupWise. They are the result of products that we have developed for some of our customers and then took to the next level, given the need for NDS-GroupWise specific support in the industry.

EuiMU (Enterprise User and Import Management Utility)

Now NetWare 6 and GroupWise 6 Compatible

Would you like to automatically create, import, or delete tens, hundreds, or thousands of NDS and GroupWise users, based on your student or human resources database? Your search is over with EuiMU (Enterprise User and Import Management Utility)!

EuiMU was created to make life easier for enterprise administrators who deal with large numbers of NDS and GroupWise accounts. With EuiMU, you control your own custom import file, complete with GroupWise interoperability. EuiMU also offers many other features, including the ability to export user property reports and easily carry out mass deletions and management of multiple NDS and GroupWise accounts and home directories. EuiMU is compatible with ALL versions of NDS/eDirectory. It is compatible with GroupWise 6, GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack and GroupWise 5.5. Please ensure that you download the correct version for the GroupWise client that is installed on your administrative machine.

Check out a five-minute web-based on-line demonstration.

For more information visit

RUG (Random User Generator)

For companies that need to create an NDS tree of any size with any number of NDS objects, containers, GW users and home directories, RUG is the solution. RUG allows administrators to immediately create hundreds or thousands of users to "stress test" their networks with real NDS, GroupWise users, and home directories. RUG allows for strategic planning and implementation testing of LAN and WAN architecture. Companies can experiment with and compare the performance of different NDS sizes and partitioning strategies on a live WAN. To date, the largest NDS tree created consisted of 12,000 users in 12 containers.

RUG is free of charge and can be downloaded here.

Please note that RUG is provided free-of-charge. There is no support for RUG. RUG has not been updated to support NetWare 6 or GroupWise 6.


Designed for use as a "bulk" e-mail programme, GWemailer takes what's best about GroupWise and builds on those assets. By merely pointing to a CSV text file, GWemailer eliminates the need to import users into GroupWise address books. Individually selecting hundreds of e-mail addresses is no longer necessary. GWemailer is restricted to sending a maximum of 4,000 emails at once. This is a restriction of the GroupWise Client. If you're looking for a fast, easy, and efficient way to communicate with customers and clients, then GWemailer is for you!

Download a trial version here.

For pricing information, click here.


GroupWise bulk e-mail merge utility

Need to send out custom, personalised e-mails? We have the perfect solution: GWmerge. This useful GroupWise utility allows users to complete e-mail merges by selecting two files: a text file with the "to be merged" e-mail content and a file containing customer data (usually based on the contents of a web-based "request for information" or on a list of e-mail addresses exported from a database). GWmerge is limited to sending 30,000 emails per merge. If you need to do more than 30,000 emails per merge, GWmergePLUS is the product for you. Version 1.1 supports comma-separated, ASCII-text-file data and provides direct access to Microsoft SQL tables. Using Outlook instead of GroupWise Client? No problem?OutlookMerge is your answer.

Check out a three-minute web-based on-line demonstration.

Download a trial version here.

For pricing information, click here.


GW-IAU (GroupWise Internet Address Update)

Do you need to migrate your system from GroupWise 5.2 or 5.5 rules-based Internet gateway addressing (INET:, GW:, INTERNET:, etc.) to 5.5 Native Internet Addressing? Then look at GW-IAU, a new utility that removes all Internet gateway information from users' address books, decreasing the time and frustration involved in moving to Native Internet Addressing. Your migration problems are over with GW-IAU.

Download a trial version here.

GW-CCU (GroupWise Common Calendar Update) - Updated March 7, 2002

[Editor's Note: if you are one of the trillions of folks who have written to plead for a way to put holidays into everyone's calendar, you need to check this out.]

GW-CCU was developed to allow GroupWise administrators to create a "default" calendar that would then be populated into all users' calendars. This is particularly useful in educational institutions and large companies where common holidays, important events and corporate dates are important to have in all users' calendars.

Download a trial version here.

GW-CRU (GroupWise Common Rules Update)

GW-CRU allows system administrators to distribute rules to all users' accounts. With GW-CRU, common rules are a snap. CRU 2.0 simplifies creating the rules to be distributed by providing a new user friendly interface.

Download a trial version here.

GW-CSU (Common Signature Utility)

GW-CSU was developed to allow system administrators to create a common signature for all GroupWise users, and then update that signature on a regular basis. GWCSU is most useful for companies that need to have corporate disclaimers appear as signatures in all users' accounts.

[Editor's Note: This is another hot request we see a lot. These guys must be psychic or something...]

GroupWise NDS Password Coordination Utility

GroupWise NDS Password Coordination Utility (GW-PCU) is available for GroupWise 6, 5.5 EP and 5.5. It has been a long time coming, but GW-PCU was worth the wait. With GW-PCU, users can change their NDS/eDirectory, GroupWise and Windows workstation passwords at the same time. Users can choose to make their passwords the same or they can make them different. Once you have imlemented GW-PCU, you users will thank you for making it so easy to manage their passwords!

Download a trial version here.

With its link to the NDS password restrictions, GW-PCU allows administrators to require unique passwords. GW-PCU also provides administrators with the ability to impose STRONG password options for GroupWise AND eDirectory/NDS. GW-PCU STRONG password options include:

  • Minimum password length
  • Minimum alphabetic characters
  • Minimum numeric characters
  • Minimum symbol characters
  • Maximum consecutive characters

Are you and your users frustrated with having to change NDS, GroupWise and Windows workstation passwords in different utilities? Would your users like to be able to change their passwords to be the same - - using one utility? Then GW-PCU is the utility you've been waiting for-ONE utility to change NDS, GroupWise and Windows passwords!

Does your security policy require that you enforce STRONG PASSWORDS on your GroupWise and NDS accounts? GW-PCU allows you to enforce minimum length and combinations of alpha, numeric and symbol values for NDS, GroupWise and Windows passwords.

Would you like to require your users to be forced to change their GroupWise passwords on a regular basis? Use ZEN/NAL and GW-PCU to schedule forced GW and NDS password changes.

GW-PCU supports GroupWise 6, GW 5.5EP, and GW 5.5 (requires latest client service packs). Download the service packs from Novell at:

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