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Your Calendar as a Web Page

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By Dave Karlson

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Posted: 27 Mar 2001

Current version: GroupWise 6

I figured out a relatively easy and high-quality way to publish the GroupWise calendar to HTML. It includes details for all appointments and includes both a list and month view on the same page.

I like Brian Anderson's HTML C3PO for certain things but the resultant pages don't include all of the details that we need.

I do it with GW 5.5EP and Outlook 2000 but other combinations may also work.


  1. Install Outlook 2000 - be sure to select "Corporate or WorkGroup E-mail" if prompted
  2. In Outlook, go to the Tools menu -> Options -> Mail Services -> Reconfigure Mail Support to be sure "Corporate or WorkGroup E-mail" is selected and that "Always Use This Profile"= Novell Default Settings.
  3. Be sure the proper GroupWise Mail services are setup (through Outlook->Tools->Services or through GW or through Control Panel). I have mine set to include ONLY the Novell GW Address Book, Novell GW Message Store, Novell LDAP Address Book, Novell Personal Address Book. However your choices may vary if you are using other features of Outlook, etc.
  4. Now your entire GW account should be accessable under Outlook.
  5. Restart Outlook.
  6. Select the Calendar.
  7. File menu-> Save as web page.


We use this to publish our events calendar from GroupWise. I have one account setup called "Calendar" that EVERYONE has proxy rights to. This way everyone can easily update their events, etc. and they all make it to our web site.

Check out the results on our site:

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