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Make a HelpDesk Resource

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By Jenni Gibb

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Posted: 1 Jun 2001

Versions: GroupWise 5.5 EP and GroupWise 6

A while ago you posted the following Q&A:

Q: Bharat wrote: I am trying to setup a helpdesk account on GW5.5EP. I'd like to setup this account so more then one GW user can receive helpdesk email. I know I can setup rules to forward messages to proper people but my boss does not want to do it this way. Can anyone help me?

A: How about just creating a distribution list called "helpdesk" or whatever. Add the users who need to get the mail to that list.

My suggestion:

My favorite way of doing this is to create a resource, in this case, called HelpDesk.

Then I create a folder for the resource that I then share with all the people who need to receive email sent to that resource. I make sure to include in the notification message the purpose of the folder and what the users are to do with its contents.

The final step is to create a rule for the resource that will move or link all email sent to that resource, to the shared folder. The main drawback is the lack of notification, but of course, that can be overcome with allowing the users to subscribe to the resource's notifications. It seems to me that even if asked to do so, Notify cannot give notifications of new messages in shared folders in one's own box.

(One way I get around this personally is by creating a search folder that I call "unopened items" that will look for items throughout my database that are not read or not accepted. Then I can see all unopened messages, even the ones in shared folders, by clicking on this folder.)

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