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Restricting access to GroupWise during Specific Hours

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Posted: 14 Sep 2001

Current version: GroupWise 5.5EP, GroupWise 6

Question: Dwight R. wrote: Is there any way to restrict access to GroupWise for a specified period of time during the day? I've been asked to see if it is possible to make GroupWise unavailable to end users for a few hours each day like from 10am to 2pm so that people won't be distracted by the constant barrage of e-mail. We use Client/Server mode only. Any ideas or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer: We're stumped. Our best suggestion would be to tell your users not to open GroupWise during "quiet time." They could also turn off Notify, so the constant barrage wouldn't be so intrusive to them. If anyone out there has solved this problem, please let us know how you did it.


Michael Risch

One idea is to front the server with a cheap firewall, and route all traffic through, but to limit the time ranges for access.

Another, more complicated but cheaper option, might be to write a program in the AdminAPI that disables logins during that time period - using the postoffice.disablelogins property.

Jeff Beard

This is a bit crude but could you use cron and stuffkey to automatically down the POA at 10 a.m. and then load it again at 2 p.m.? It could cut off some users but if the policy is no e-mail during that time and you are using Client/Server mode only that would sure do the trick.

Kerry Cockram

Create an app object for GW and use ZENworks to control the times/days the users can successfully launch it. With 5000+ users, you'd better be using ZEN anyway for other stuff :)

Lee Smith

As the user is using client server, maybe create a cron that unloads the poa at a certain time then loads it back when they want access again. If the user upgrades to GW6 this will set the clients to remote mode for that length of time and as the poa comes backup the client will re-sync.

Charles Huber

Strange request. If turning off Notify as you suggested isn't good enough, I'd say down the POA. You might also down the link to this post office/domain from the rest of the system, which would prevent mail from everyone but themselves.

Eric van der Pluijm

Hey guys/girls, are we all asleep? Novell has a great product, called ZEN. Make an application and restrict the time. You also can say Forced Close application, and it will shutdown. I did this at a customer site with games. Between 11:30 and 13:30 they were allowed to play a game but after 13:30 it is time to get on with the job.

Guy Davis

Deliver the shortcut to GroupWise using ZEN and restrict it through that.

Tom Tucker

One possible solution is to use ZENworks to restrict the application and make it only available during certain times of day.

Kevin Pikkaart

Use cron and setit up to unload the POA at 10AM and load it again at 2PM.

Put this line in the crontab:

  • 0 10 * * * unload gwpoa
  • 0 14 * * * load gwpoa @config_file.poa

And, if you wanted to allow the POA to run all weekend and just down it during the week, try this in crontab:

  • 0 10 * * 1 unload gwpoa
  • 0 10 * * 2 unload gwpoa
  • 0 10 * * 3 unload gwpoa
  • 0 10 * * 4 unload gwpoa
  • 0 10 * * 5 unload gwpoa
  • 0 14 * * * load gwpoa @config_file.poa

David Silva

I may be missing something here, but why not use a cron process to unload the PO at 10am and reload it at 2pm? True it is a brute force method, but as long as the users know there will be an outage at this time (the client will error out if open) and the connections are client/server rather than direct, this could do the trick. Leaving GWIA and the MTA up would avoid losing email while the PO is down.

Dawn Harju

In the startup file for the POA there are client/server switches that disable processing of Client/server requests from users on the PO. Also there are Operation Mode Switches in the startup file for the ADA for Idle time periods which may help.

Nigel Forward

I'd go with the ZENworks solution for this one, too. Thought I'd just mention, however, that in older versions (4.1) there used to be two POA switches that would allow you to specify a start and stop time. The idea behind this was to create a "window" during which backup programs could run. I've searched current docs and TIDs for 5.5, but I guess this little option fell by the wayside! Regards,

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