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Cool Tool: EZPage - Simple Paging Software for GroupWise

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By Martin Zinaich

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Posted: 8 Apr 2004

EZpage uses NDS and the GroupWise address book to simplify paging for your end users. Once configured in NDS users only need to pick the target users name to send them a page. By utilizing your pager company's ability to accept SMTP pages, you eliminate the need for the GroupWise pager gateway.

Features include:

  • Simple setup and installation
  • Takes advantage of NDS
  • Pager configuration can be local or system administered
  • Uses GroupWise address book
  • Name Completion now used
  • High priority option now available


  • GroupWise 5.5 client
  • Windows 98, 2000, XP
  • Netware Client 3.1 or above
  • NDS
  • GWIA or the ability to send a Groupwise message over the Internet
  • Pagers must accept a SMTP page
feedback about this tool:

Martin has received lots of appreciative feedback about EZPage. Here is a sampling:

  • Very cool!
  • Thanks for the great program !!!
  • I am currently running a pager gateway but it is causing some problems on the server with arcserve open file agent and want to remove the Pager gateway. EZPAGE seems to be a Great way to page!
  • Thanks once again!!
  • Saw your product. Looks neat.
  • Our users love it. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for sharing this with everyone. I do appreciate your work.

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