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Teaching Laptop Users to Hit the Road

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By Adam Kuhn

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Posted: 16 Aug 2001

Here is a message I sent to our laptop users to remind them about Hit the Road. They forget to use it and insist that something's wrong with the system. Perhaps other GroupWise admins would like to customize it and send it to their customers.

Dear Laptop User...

You've finally arrived at your hotel after a long trip and you are eager to get to your email. Using Remote GroupWise, you connect to the Remote GroupWise Server back at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, and you have to wait through a huge download at slow modem speeds. Then you have to wait for your laptop to process dozens, perhaps hundreds of messages. What happened? You read your mail at the office all the time! Why the big download and wait?

EEI Staff with laptops and docking stations on their desks frequently travel and sometimes need a different email solution than GroupWise Web Access. However, if you forget to use the "Hit the Road" feature in GroupWise, the amount of email you download could very well be equal to the current date going all the way back to the last time you downloaded your email. And if that was weeks or months ago, the result is a large download. Additionally, merely reading your email in the office does nothing to manage your remote mailbox.

The solution is GroupWise's "Hit the Road" feature. Using this feature means that you update your Laptop's Remote GroupWise store of messages while you're here in the office before you leave for your trip. Any large downloads are performed at very fast network speeds, rather than slow modem speeds. Using this feature twice in one sitting insures that your store of messages is up-to-date (the second time should be very fast). The benefit of all this is that when you dial in from your hotel room using Remote GroupWise, you only download the messages you've received since you left the office, and that should be a small, manageable amount.

To use this feature on a docked laptop, pull down the "Tools" menu in GroupWise and select "Hit the Road."

If you require additional information, please contact me at XXXX or call the Help Desk at XXXX.

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