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Quick and Easy GroupWise Patching

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By Heath Tennant

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Posted: 31 Aug 2001

Current Version: GroupWise 6

This tip is to help anyone finding that GroupWise service packs are extremely time consuming. By following the steps below you'll find that you can save hours updating your GroupWise system.

Option 1:

We all know that when installing the service pack we are asked if we want to back up our current software directory. You may choose to copy this locally or to another location on the server. Next you are asked if you would like to copy the software directory locally for faster processing.

If we choose to perform all these steps we know have three copies of the software directory and the possibility of two network copies so far.

The service pack is then applied to the software directory located on your hard disk and then copied back to the server, so there is another network copy.

Interesting fact: The software directory is basically the same as what is on the GroupWise CD.

Question: Why do we want to back it up?

Option 2:

Now that we know the software directory is not required (besides the client) how can we save time? Let me tell you.

  1. First delete the current software directory from your server. We don't need that anymore, as it will be redundant after the service pack anyway.
  2. Next grab your GroupWise CD and copy the entire contents to your workstation. It's much quicker than copying over the network.
  3. Then apply the service pack to the software directory located on your workstation.
  4. Lastly move that copy of the software directory to the server and proceed to update the agents.

Now wasn't that easier? What we ended up with was one network copy and one software directory and a bunch of spare time.

Interesting fact: If you want to save time installing new GroupWise systems in the future, check this out. You can write this software directory to CD and install directly from there and what you end up with is a freshly installed GroupWise system already service packed.

If you have any questions you may contact Heath at

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